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Sunday, May 11th, 2014

Work continues at BattleCry. We’re doing some really cool stuff, and of course I can’t talk about it. The team here is fantastic, and we’re hiring: BattleCry Studios

So, unannounced projects aside, an unannounced interest entered my life recently: fountain pens. I’ve always been into pens, and I suppose that comes from an early childhood interest in clean handwriting. But through fountain pens, I’ve found a completely new level of depth and subtlety in regular old writing — this was a nice surprise. What makes it so enjoyable? Well there are several things, the first being that I enjoy holding a well crafted object, whatever that may be. The human ingenuity behind carefully controlled capillary action, suction, and seals, is so mechanically poetic! How could I not enjoy these little things? Another fantastic aspect of fountain pens is that you can put whatever inks you want into them, and get a refreshing new look at a pen all over again.

If you’re someone who enjoys writing, I urge you to pick up a fountain pen and try it out. For that matter, drawing with them is great as well. Depending on the ink you have loaded, you can get water-soluble or completely bullet-proof, water resistant effects. Both are desirable in certain circumstances when doing watercolor sketching, so I like to keep a couple pens with both kinds of ink lying around.

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Welcome back, friend. It’s been a while. This is the new blog, but there is much work to do still.

Why did my blog never get updated and eventually disappear? Well, it’s a long story, but suffice it to say that I was too caught up in work matters. While leaving NCsoft, many different opportunities arose, and the team and I were stuck in a sort of limbo. Things eventually fell through at NCsoft, and I went on to help found a new startup, Portalarium, where I’m at now as the Lead Technical Artist.

It’s an exciting venture, entering into the social games space. There’s so much movement in this area of the field right now; so much potential. There are also quite a few big players that will make it hard for anyone to grab any market share. Portalarium being essentially a spiritual successor to Origin, I have hopes that we can make it.

So much of what I work in now is web-centric, so JavaScript and PHP are utterly essential. It’s interesting diving more into these two languages, but the deeper I get into JavaScript the more horrified I am at its implementation of object-oriented concepts. *shudders*

Back to the grinding stone.